Why Seeking Peace In Material Things Will Always Fail For A Christian

Why Seeking Peace In Material Things Will Always Fail For A Christian

The story has been the same throughout time. People like you and I have always felt a need to increase our material possessions. Maybe you believe you must have the biggest house, the most expensive car, or the latest fashion.

There is something appealing when we drive by the car lot and see the latest model. It calls out to us with the promise of a better life. We want that big house down the road because we have bought more pretty things than our current home can contain.

I won’t lie to you and say that I still don’t get caught up wanting more things. It is part of the burden of this flesh that I inhabit. The thing that haunts me is why I think I will find satisfaction in worldly things.

What Makes Stuff Look So Good?

Do you recall caring what others thought about your possessions when you were a kid? I can’t recall having that worry when I was a child. Somewhere along the line that changed.

At some point we allowed society to convince us that the acquisition of goods was what defined who we are. Most people have thought at one point or another that to increase possession would better our place in the world.

Not only have we convinced each other the our standing is greater with material gain but it is also fun to buy stuff, for a while. There is something about buying that new car or latest gadget that excites us.

Jealousy is another factor that motivates us to purchase more. Why should your neighbor get a new boat while you are left landlocked? You deserve a trip to the lake just like he does.

There is also some comfort that comes from having new things. The television that I could barely fit through the door makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside for a few days.

The new recliner that I bought to compliment the television was a real pick me up but I think it should have speakers in the headrest. I should get that next.

The Hard Truth About The Treasures We Seek

Nothing lasts forever. No matter what new thing you buy, it will soon deteriorate. We all love to have the latest toys but in the end those things lose their luster.

Not only will things break down but in the end we will leave them behind anyway. I know that it is difficult to remember this while we are caught up in the here and now. A Christian has assurance of a better place ahead. We can’t take those $300 shoes with us(but they sure do look good).

For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. 1st Timothy 6:7

Certainly the more you acquire, the greater the chances of someone claiming your goods for themselves. Jesus warns of this in Matthew 6:19 (remember the whole thieves breaking through and stealing thing?)

This flesh will never be satisfied with the consumption of materials. It is natural to want these things though. They are just simply not enough to appease us. We are built for greater, spiritual things.

God did not create us to love our possessions. He made us, in His image, to love Him and to love one another. If we try to find peace anywhere else we will fall short. I know this because I have tried it myself.

Is There Really Attainable Peace Where You Are Searching?

The 46th Psalm says to be still and know that He is God. Put away all of your distractions for a while and just listen. I have found that the more complicated I make life, the more I forget about the peace that I find in the simple things.

Make some time to be with family and friends. It doesn’t have to cost a thing. Just get together and enjoy each other for a while.

When the world fails me, as it always does, I am reminded that we are told to lay up treasures in heaven. I believe that this means praying to God and being obedient to His word. There is always joy there.

I have personally found peace in helping others. I don’t do it enough, but find that when I do there is a satisfaction that no material thing can compare with.

I have witnessed people all of my life at church who seem to the world to have nothing. Something sustains them though. They are always at church and always smiling. They have a peace in their eyes that I don’t see anywhere else. Their lives haven’t been perfect but they will tell you how blessed they are.

There is something to be said about living a simple life, trying to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord.

So Where Can You Find The Peace You Desire?

Why should you stop chasing after the material things and live a simple, Christ-like way?

The first reason is better health. Stress and lack of sleep will kill you.

When I focus on Jesus instead of this flesh I find that I sleep better. No worrying all night about how I’m going to pay for all the junk that I thought I needed.

You can bring so much stress in your life that it makes you physically ill. What if you had enough faith to trust Jesus with your problems instead of trying to fill the void with more stuff? I can assure you that your stress will disappear.

The truth is that this way of life is attainable. The peace of mind that comes with being satisfied with what you already have and trusting God to supply your needs is a proven path.

Some people’s definition of success is flawed. Many think that there is some magic quantity of goods that will fill the void. True success will only come when you forget about the things of this world and put your heart into following Jesus.

Throw Off Your Chains Today!

Paul challenged the Hebrew Christians to put away the things that burdened them. He said to do this by “looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.” (Heb 12:2)

The first thing to do is simply stop buying things. I understand that sometimes we have to buy stuff that we need. I am saying that we need to ask ourselves is this something we really need. Wait a day before you make a big purchase. Take time to decide if it is something you can live without.

Put your focus on spiritual things. Read your Bible daily. Pray for God to guide you through this life. You are His child and He wants what is best for you.

Trust God with provision. This does not mean you don’t have to work. It means having faith that if you are obedient to God that He will make sure you are taken care of.

Change Your Focus And Change Your Life

Now you know that the world’s way isn’t for you. You have seen that material goods will not fulfill your needs. The Bible and your heart have led you in a different way. Now it is time for you to focus on God’s ways and obtain the peace you seek.

This way can seem overwhelming after you have lived life chasing after worldly possessions. Many of the people that I know that seem so peaceful in their Christian walk have never had much stuff anyway. It’s tough to turn back after you have had some things.

I understand that this will be hard at first. But you already know that the world’s way doesn’t work for a Christian. It really doesn’t work for anyone. So why not put your trust in God’s way today and forget about the materialism that burdens you. Somewhere inside I believe that you know it is the right way to go.

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