How To Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs and Live a Life of Purpose in Christ

How To Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs and Live a Life of Purpose in Christ

“I am throwing in the towel. Nobody cares about me. I am not fit to be a Christian. There is no hope for me.”

Does this sound familiar to you? Have you ever had these notions? Thoughts like these enter my mind all the time.

Some days I wallow in guilt for past mistakes instead of moving forward. At other times I sit idle while frustration grips my soul.

These thoughts are common to all Christians. Thank goodness we have a Savior who is not untouched by our infirmities (Heb 4:15).

The Christian life is meant to be lived moving forward, leaving behind the failures God has forgiven us for. Jesus means for us to grow in faith through Him. The thoughts that slow us down and hinder our walk are not from Heaven.

You and I must get rid of these beliefs about failure and hopelessness that impede our growth. The thoughts you have that are holding you back are false. Sometimes we just need to get our minds right.

Step One: Figure Out Which Thoughts Are Keeping You Down

What is the belief that is stopping you from moving forward? Why are you not growing like you want to? Is there a thought in your mind that is holding you back?

All of us have fears and doubts. I know sometimes that I can be moving full steam ahead and doubt creeps in and I put the brakes on.

You must take some time alone and search your heart. Pray for God to guide you on this one. Ask yourself the questions above. Pick out that negative thought that is keeping you down.

Step Two: Think Back and Determine Where These Lies Began.

Who told you that you are not good enough? Why do you believe that there is something to fear by stepping out on faith? Is that comfort zone you are resting in really that safe?

We build narratives in our mind based on our life experiences. Perhaps your family taught you to limit yourself. A bad experience in school may have made you fearful. Social media today has put our lives on display and with that may come criticism from others that cast doubts in our minds.

I can not tell you where you developed your limiting beliefs. I do know that our potential as God’s creation is limitless. So you must accept that the thought you have that limits you is a lie.

Step 3: Use God’s Word To Prove Your Limiting Beliefs Are Not True

God loves you. That is why he inspired men to pen down His word to pass on to you. Open it up and destroy that negative thought now.

Paul said he could do all things through Christ (Phi 4:13). He told Timothy that a spirit of fear does not come from God (2 Tim 1:7). These are just a couple of examples. Dig around in the Word for yourself, with prayer of course, and find your proof.

Satan is the author of lies. God must tell the truth. He desires for you to flourish in His truth. I believe you can discredit the belief that inhibits your growth with the Bible.

Step 4: Replace The Lies In Your Head With True Thoughts

By now you should have a good idea about what limits you. You should also have pinpointed where you developed that lie. I hope you have found some scripture to refute that belief.

Now you must replace that old thought with a new one. This new thought should be positive and empowering.

I find it helpful to look at others who have achieved what I would like to. If they can do it, so can I.

Memorize positive scripture or quotes that remind you that you can do it. Fear and doubt will still rear their ugly heads so you need to be ready with your new truth when they do.

Step 5: Act On The New Belief To Prove It’s True!

Look, you and I can study on this thing all day. The truth is I still fall short. My mind still tricks me into quitting some days.

I have gotten better at this though. I can chase off the negative thoughts now and get moving again.

I want to challenge you to try this today. Don’t say you will do it on down the road. The rest of us need for you to act now. Try out your new belief today so you can grow.

Make this process a part of your life and get on with living in Christ

Perhaps you have been like me in the past and tried to live with those ugly limiting beliefs. I have never flourished when I entertain those thoughts. I don’t believe you will either.

I believe it is necessary for you and I to recognize the thoughts that burden us and remove them quickly. Spend some time daily in reflection and challenge those hindrances with the steps above.

I know that when I change my thoughts to those of growth in Christ that I find endless possibilities. There is no trouble too big or too small for Him. So start today to change your thinking. Everyone in your life, including yourself, will benefit when you do.

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