8 Daily Life Changing Habits Every Christian Should Practice

8 Daily Life Changing Habits Every Christian Should Practice

Have many times have you started the day like this?

You hit the snooze three times before you finally roll out of bed. You throw on your clothes, run a brush through your hair and teeth (the same one) and bolt out the door.

You finally make it to work but somehow, everyone seems out to get you. You are tired and frustrated and really don’t know why. It’s like you forgot to do something important. What did you forget?

I know how you feel. I have lived that same day so many times. I start out in a rush and forget about the things that are important to my life. There are things that Christians need to do every day to experience the joy that God has for us.

Bad habits are hard to break. Good ones are difficult to develop. I know from my own trials that if you will take small steps each day to develop some habits that God has shown us in His word that every day will go better. Here are eight that I have found to work.

1.Talk to God first to get your day in order

God wants to talk to you. He desires to walk with His children daily. The Bible is clear on this point.

Days that you begin without praying are set up to fall short. You leave divine help laying on the table. We all need direction in life.

Go to God early and often with your petition for assistance. In His time, He will show you the way.

2. Get your body moving so your soul can flourish

Our bodies are temporary. I think that perhaps sometimes Christians consider this and decide that since we are simply passing through, that physical exercise is of no value.

The Bible tells you that your body is a temple. I understand the spiritual implications of this but I also believe that has a very physical application. God means for us to take care of our bodies.

It can be very difficult to be a help to others if your own health is bad. The problems that plague your body physically can be a drain on your spiritual walk as well.

I try to start every morning with some kind of exercise. There is a noticeable difference in my mood and I have more energy on the days I begin with exercise.

3. Find someone to forgive, even if it is yourself

The act of forgiveness is at the heart of all that God wants us to understand. His ultimate example of forgiveness of sin through the sacrifice Jesus made at Calvary should make all Christians ready to forgive each other.

There is no value in holding onto that grudge you are carrying. Whatever the fault against you, forgiving someone for wronging you will free your mind and heart to do a good work for God. Often the person you are mad at doesn’t even now they have hurt you. Why not forget it and move on today?

It is also very important in your Christian walk to forgive yourself. When Jesus forgives you for sin it is cast as far as the east is from the west. If the creator is done with your faults when you ask for forgiveness, shouldn’t you let them go as well?

4. God gave us an instruction manual. Use it!

Too often in my walk I have wasted time looking for answers when they were right there in God’s word all along. There is power to be gained by studying the Bible. It is the bread of life.

When we are uninformed about God and His ways, the Devil knows this. He knows exactly where we are weakest. Rest assured that he will attack you there.

Things that used to be common knowledge about scripture are not so widely understood anymore. This makes your study time that much more important. When the world has questions, Christians should be ready to answer. Dust off that Bible today.

5. Clear your mind and make room for God

It is crucial for you to spend time alone in meditation. God told Joshua to meditate on His law day and night. Isaac went out to a field to meditate. This practice is as old as the Bible itself.

Today’s world is hyper-connected. Many times we don’t hear God speaking because we don’t take time to listen. Prayer is often times a one-sided conversation. That’s why it is important for you to take time each day to listen.

It is well documented that meditation is also good for your health. It helps reduce stress, which is at a fever pitch in our society today. There is also evidence that suggests meditation aids in lowering blood pressure. Do the research for yourself on this one but I know from my own experience that meditation helps me feel better.

6. Make something new. He designed you for it

Humans were created in God’s own image. I believe this means that he made us to create. I don’t know what that means for you. That is up to you to discover.

Don’t spend too much time trying to decide what to create. Action is the best way to discover what it is God would have you to do. I like to write so I do that. I know this simply because I tried it once and found some joy in it.

When we don’t create things we become stagnant. Don’t let the daily grind of life rob you of the peace that comes from making something new. No one else has to like what you create. You made it and that is why it is special.

7. Laugh. Life’s too short not to

You really don’t have a lot of time here. Why spend all of your energy down and out? Laugh every once in a while. It is a very simple thing to do, and it doesn’t cost a dime.

Many people see Christians as dull and scornful. If the world is going to see Christ in us, I believe that maybe we should look happy about it.

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. Proverbs 17:22

I do not want my bones dried. Laughter is like an elixir for a weary soul. There are times when you must be serious but I find that there are more times that call for a good laugh.

8. People need you to love them, now more than ever

This is an easy one, or at least it should be. Christ was clear in His call for us to love one another. It should be unconditional, just like His love for us.

We are also instructed to love our enemies. That’s a tough one. It is easy to love those who already love you. Imagine the impact that the world would see if all Christians loved their enemies.

This world needs love now more than ever. There is a coldness across the land that scares me for the future of humanity. Everyone needs to be loved.

Set A New Course Today To Live A Better Life!

How you begin each day sets your sail. If you continue that same old routine of waking up and stumbling out the door then nothing will change. But get up a little bit earlier tomorrow and implement some of these habits and not only will your days get better but soon your whole life will change.

Some of the things we talked about here will need to be tended to all day. Set a reminder on your phone or tie a string around your finger (not too tight) to remind yourself to forgive someone, to laugh, and most importantly, to love someone.

Eventually, after daily practice, these habits will become part of your day. You will notice a great difference in how you feel each day.

There is peace that comes from practicing sound habits daily. You will also see that because you have made it a point to love and forgive others that they will return the sentiment.

Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day. Get up the next day and get right back in it. God will bless you for your effort.

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