5 Biblical Actions You Can Take Today To Find Peace

5 Biblical Actions You Can Take Today To Find Peace

The search for peace is an endeavor that all Christians take on at some point in their lives. Our souls become troubled and worry consumes our thoughts. Soon our spiritual and physical lives are out of tune. It can be difficult in this troubled world to find the peace we desire.

Are you struggling to find peace in your heart now? Does the grind of daily life rob you of the joy your soul desires?

I have been there, friend. The truth is I probably will again. That is just how we are put together.

I have looked to worldly things in the past to find relief. The appeal of intoxication is something I thought would help. It did not.

Once I thought that making more money would comfort my soul. I discovered that there is no total of cash that brings peace. I was barking up the wrong tree again.

Perhaps you have been looking in the same places I have tried. Maybe your seeking rest for your soul somewhere else. The simple fact is that, for a Christian, you and I will only find peace through God’s word and the lessons it teaches.

I realize now that Christianity is an active way of life. We can talk about doing the right thing but I believe that until we act on God’s plan, we will remain in the valley. Here are five actions that I have found peace in every time I do them.

1. Trust The Prince Of Peace

The prophet Isaiah foretold the coming of Jesus. He had several names for him but one of them was the Prince of Peace (Isa 9:6). There are times in my darkest struggles that I forget I am acquainted with the one who truly can give peace.

There is comfort for us all if we remember that God created us. Surely he has a great plan for our life if we would only trust him with it. He made the Earth, placed it the perfect distance from the Sun, and keeps it on the path that is necessary to sustain life. He has your life in his hands as well.

Not only did God create you but he loves you. If you are a Christian then you believe that God sent his son to die to atone for your sin. I have great peace knowing that I am loved that much.

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. (John 16:33)

Jesus told his disciples that he desired peace for their lives. He did not say that trouble would not come. He did say that he had overcome the world. There is victory over death and the grave through Jesus Christ. You and I can find sustainable peace knowing this is true.

Trust God today with all of your worries. I do not know what troubles you but I know one who does. Give it all today to the God who made you, loves you, and died for you.

2. Give Peace To Others

It seems a strange thing to say that we can get peace by giving it away. There is great comfort in helping others.

There are always people with physical needs. We must remember that anything we possess is a blessing from God. When we give our possessions to help those with less, there is a warmth that comes over us that can only be God’s love.

Another important thing we can give to others is our time. It is our most precious asset. Spend time listening to a loved one. Take a moment to help a friend with some trouble they have. I always get some satisfaction when I take time to be there for others.

The ministry needs funding from Christians to continue. We give to this by what God called tithing. God used the prophet Malachi (3:10) to remind us that if we give to the Lord’s house that he will pour out blessings that we can’t contain. Try this and see if God doesn’t increase your peace.

And if thou draw out thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul; then shall thy light rise in obscurity, and thy darkness be as the noonday. (Isaiah 58:10)

Are you walking in darkness today? God said he would give light to your soul if you would give light to others. This world needs for you and I to give more of ourselves. God will bless you for it.

3. Talk To God About The Peace You Long For

This is a big one. Somehow it is the one that I leave off the most. It is so simple that I think we take it for granted. God wants you to talk things over with him. Pray about peace in your life.

Some days I forget to pray. Maybe I even think that I don’t need to pray. I’m a big boy now. I can do this on my own. Wrong again!

The times when I am slacking in my prayer life are the most uneasy. That is how I know that there is peace in prayer. Without it my heart grows troubled.

We can ask God for peace and he will deliver. There is also satisfaction for our soul when we pray for others. Friends and family need God’s help as well.

Praying for others doesn’t mean just the ones who love you. The Bible says we should pray for our enemies. I know, that’s a tough one. God will bless you when you do the things he recommends. Give it a try!

Maybe you have discontent in your heart because you don’t know which way to go. We have inside all of us the desire to find purpose.

I have tried to listen to the “experts” on these matters. They had some good thoughts but God knows the inner workings of your heart. Ask God about the path for your life. In his time, he will deliver your answer.

Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. (Phi 4:6)

God wants us to pray about the things that trouble us. Whatever your need is, he wants you to give it to him. Gratitude is important when we pray as well.

Ask God for peace of mind in all of your life’s matters but don’t forget to thank him for all of the blessings he has already given you. Peace will soon follow.

4. Find Peace In The Work Of Your Hands

Did you know that you were put here to create? I believe that God would have you and I to put our heart into some creation while we are here. I enjoy writing. What is it that you like to make?

This creation can be at our place of employment but it doesn’t have to be. I write in the morning before I go to work. If you find a job that allows you to express your creative soul, that is wonderful. If not, make time to create somewhere else.

One benefit of having a creative pursuit is having less time to worry. When I am writing I don’t have time to worry over things I really can’t control anyway. Idleness allows for time to dream up all kinds of concerns that will most likely never happen.

There is also a reward for spending time honing a creative skill. Proverbs 22:29 basically says that if we are diligent in our business (creation) that we will be recognized. There is some peace in knowing that someone else benefits from the work that we do.

Remember that whatever ability or gift you possess it came from God. Give him the glory for your talent. I believe that he created us for that purpose. I know he gives serenity to those who acknowledge him.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. (Gen 1:27)

You were made in the image of God. Since you were created in his image, it seems to me that you should create as well. I think he is pleased when you do.

I can’t tell you what to create. Ask God to show you. You may have many talents and gifts. Use them all for the glory of God. Your soul will find peace when you do.

5. The Most Important Action To The Peace We All Seek

Love. We throw that word around loosely in the world today. It’s scoffed at by some and disregarded completely by others, but it has been, and will be, the cornerstone of peace for humanity.

You may think that love is not a verb,but I would suggest to you that a professed love that has no action is not real love. True love has to move and stir about. Love is the most important act to find peace.

God loves you. That love was made manifest in the form of his son. He gave his life to pardon our iniquities. What an amazing show of love!

War and division are so common in our world today. Imagine a place where we followed God’s command to love our neighbor as ourselves. We need the act of love now more than ever.

If you have a chance, observe a child today. See how they love unconditionally. They haven’t learned yet how to hate. They have a simple peace about them that we all need to be reminded of.

This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. (John 15:12)

You see, Christ didn’t say it was simply a good idea to love one another. He commanded it. The power of love was something that Jesus felt strong about. I think he also understood the discord that would exist without it.

There has been no greater show of the act of love than Christ giving his life at Calvary. He said there was no greater love than a person that would lay down his life for another.

Love abides in the heart of a Christian. If peace evades you today, check and see if you are letting that love come out. Love is an action, friend, and you must let it shine from your heart to have any peace today.

Please Don’t Live Another Day Without The Peace That God Has For You!

I want you to find the peace you desire. I know you may not see it at this moment. There have been dark days in my life where I just couldn’t find the light. You may be in the valley today as well.

Sometimes we just bury up our troubles where others can’t see them. Worry and doubt may have you in a world of discontent right now and nobody else knows it. I don’t want you to live there. God’s word shows us that he doesn’t either.

What can you do about that lost feeling? Can you remove the anguish from your heart and be satisfied? Yes, you can!

You may not know me personally, and that’s okay. If you are a Christian then you know Jesus personally. You also believe that God’s word is true.

I want you to trust God’s word for the peace you long for. I am human and subject to make mistakes. God is perfect and knows what is best for you.

Take a day or even a week and try to implement each action I have told you about. I know I listed it last but start with love. That’s where God started with you.

God does not want you to live your life with a troubled soul. Life is too short for that. I have tried all of the actions above and can testify that they will work.

Get to work today on these simple acts that can help you. There is a rest for the child of God and I believe you can have it now. It is my prayer that you find your peace today.

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